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Music is such an integral part of my life. And my tastes cover a lot of ground. Whether it’s the classics or the avant-garde, mainstream or underground, high-brow or low-brow—music is a major thread in the fabric of who I am. From making CD mixes to share with friends at school before the age of streaming to curating weekly playlists and annual album and song reviews, the act of discovering, cataloging, and—perhaps most importantly—sharing music with my friends and family has always been somewhat of an obsession of mine.
What started as a small review of my favorite albums of the year in college has turned into an ongoing passion project of mine. A recurring snapshot of the music I’m listening to in the current moment takes the form of Good Sh*t, a playlist I curate and update each week that is in its fourth year. I also curate holiday playlists for Halloween and the Christmas season. And finally, from the hundreds of albums and the thousands of songs I listen to each year, I distill annual lists of my favorite 50 albums and 100 songs that has become a small spectacle that friends and family look forward to at the end of every year, now going eight years strong.
The art direction for the Good Sh*t playlist has evolved over the years, but has retained a focus on photography, individual colors for each version, and typography cohesiveness. Each and every photograph is a vignette shot by me on my iPhone and processed to have desaturated colors, faded shadows, and grainy texture. A color palette of 1-2 colors is selected for each issue that either compliments or contrasts the selected photograph of the week, while the typography ties each playlist together.
Graphics produced for each issue include cover art and motion graphics that are posted on Instagram Stories, signaling that the playlist has been updated and is ready to be listened to.
This page is still a work-in-progress! More images to come...
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