CROP is an annual student publication showcasing a collection of student-produced work within the College of Architecture at Texas Tech University that is reflective of the present paradigm of the school. The work contained in the book highlights the interests of the students and faculty, differing approaches to architectural representations, and speculative solutions to current issues in contemporary architecture. This is all supplemented with essays and interviews from working professionals conducted by students that parallel the ideas explored through the work.
Deviating from the standard set by previous volumes of the book, CROP 05 follows in the footsteps of the previous issue in eliminating an overall conceptual theme, opting instead for a cohesive graphic language that allows the work to speak for itself. This marks the second volume of the book to organize individual works by drawing category following the trajectory of the design process rather than highlighting singular projects from start to finish. This structure allows for more and varied work to be published as well as for the book to become a graphic reference for students to build a repertoire of approaches and standards we deem the intellectual toolkit.

Zack Sprinkle  Editor-in-Chief
Andrew Pacheco  Design Director
Will Pellacani  Editorial Director
Justin Leal  Staff Designer
Christy Purcella  Staff Designer
Nicolas Watkins  Staff Designer & Copy Editor
Nathanael Havens  Copywriter & Editor
Ryan Thomas  Junior Staff Designer

The CROP 05 Team Note explains the process and intent behind the book:
The creation and development of a toolkit is crucial to an education. As students, we absorb specific precedents, designers, techniques, processes, and more throughout the progression of each semester—adding to our intellectual toolkit. With each student, there are infinite variations to individual kits, ultimately contingent upon their particular interests as a designer.
CROP aims to generate a conversation within the student body that provokes the expansion of the intellectual toolkit. By removing the constraints of a central theme, CROP 05 is able to assume an identity of its own, showcasing various techniques, processes, and strategies across the College of Architecture to become a graphic reference for students. The book is expressive of the students’ interests as well as reflective of the pedagogies present in the College. Additionally, the editorial content in this issue is a manifestation of the connections made between students and professionals, curated from designers of various cultural and educational backgrounds and practices to discuss a wide range of topics in order to provoke the interests of the student body.
CROP 05 is designed as a resource for students to utilize throughout their own particular design process. As we continue to develop and expand our own intellectual toolkit, we should begin to question ourselves and others about the influences and interests we carry with us as designers. By generating this conversation, we can learn form each other’s techniques, processes, and strategies to create the possibility of expanding our toolkit.

The Guerrilla Fives. Photograph by Tyler Smith.

In order to generate buzz about the new volume of the book, a guerrilla advertising campaign was developed and executed that promoted awareness and excitement as well as boosted the morale of the College. Celebrating the fifth edition as well as the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the CROP Student Publication and Team, a series of images deemed “The Guerrilla Fives” were posted conspicuously inside the Architecture Building.
The conceptual thread running through the 35 images was the number 5. Each image referenced the number 5 in some shape or form, either implicitly or explicitly, and were printed on cards measuring 5 x 5 inches. Starting off sparingly, as the release date of CROP 05 drew closer, the Fives began to aggregate and multiply in more public places such as stairwells, elevator lobbies, bathrooms, and studio rooms. We decided to reveal that CROP was behind the campaign by using reproductions of the images as takeaway bookmarks that came with each purchase of a book.
As a result of a rigorous design overhaul and playful marketing, CROP 05 was the most successful volume of the publication at the time of release and garnered mostly positive critique from faculty and the student body. Personally, this was the project that marked a transition in my professional aspirations as it prompted me to pursue a degree in visual communication design following graduation from architecture school.

The CROP 05 Team with a full spread printout of the book. Photograph by Tyler Smith.

This publication was a collaborative effort with Nathanael Havens, Justin Leal, William Pellacani, Christy Purcella, Zack Sprinkle, Ryan Thomas, and Nicolas Watkins with advising from Hendrika Buelinckx, Ph.D.
Design/creative direction for the book by Andrew Pacheco. Printing by Parks Printing in Lubbock, Texas. Permission for “The Guerrilla Fives” advertising campaign within the College of Architecture granted by Dana Campbell, building manager.
Images of individuals and/or likenesses of individuals used with permission from the owners. Original written content by William Pellacani, Nathanael Havens, and contributors. Previously published written content re-published with the permission of the original creators. All images of work were submitted by students and/or faculty and are owned and retained by the students and Texas Tech University College of Architecture. The Bebas Neue and Helvetica Neue typeface families were licensed for educational use through Texas Tech University.
All other images, original design elements, and combinations of elements constituting an original design are owned and retained by Buelinckx, Havens, Leal, Pacheco, Pellacani, Purcella, Sprinkle, Thomas, Watkins and the Texas Tech University College of Architecture.
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