CROP is an annual student publication showcasing a collection of student-produced work within the College of Architecture at Texas Tech University that is reflective of the present paradigm of the school. The work contained in the book highlights the interests of the students and faculty, differing approaches to architectural representations, and speculative solutions to current issues in contemporary architecture. This is all supplemented with essays and interviews from working professionals conducted by students that parallel the ideas explored through the work.
CROP 04 marked a turning point for the publication. First, it became a biennial edition after failing to be published the previous year. Second, with two years’ worth of student work on the table, the team needed to showcase the work in a fresh way that wasn’t overwhelming. The decision to eliminate an overall conceptual theme, breaking from the previous three volumes, and opt instead of a new and cohesive graphic language that allowed the work to speak for itself drove the team to view the book as less of a year-in-review and more of a snapshot of the zeitgeist of the College.
It was decided that the medium of the poster would be used to introduce CROP’s fresh new take and engage in daily student life by presenting an interesting form of communication. The posters informed students and faculty of submission windows, book order windows, and of the book release. Each run of posters was placed on a wall immediately situated between the main entrances of the Architecture building, the elevator lobby, and the main gallery on the first floor. Upon entering and exiting the building, the posters would present themselves as new interventions. Each poster, measuring approximately 12 x 36 inches, was printed using wide format plotters and then hand-scored and folded.
This poster series was produced for the CROP 04 design year. Wood raster panel accompanying paper posters designed and fabricated by David J. Isern. All paper posters designed and fabricated by Andrew Pacheco.
The publication was a collaborative effort with Simón Álvarez, Vania Franco, David J. Isern, Jon Lambert, Marrisa Jena Meeks, Ashmita Roy, Magdalena Sofía Soto, and Zack Sprinkle.
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