TWOFOLD was envisioned as a current events periodical that presented a cross-sectional view of the fashion industry through the lenses of art, architecture, fabrication, industrial design, technology, and other disciplines.
Tasked with conceptualizing and designing a publication of our choosing, our team was interested in doing a fashion magazine, but one that was unlike what is readily available on newsstands and in bookstores. Rather than a lifestyle magazine, TWOFOLD would investigate the various possibilities, developments, and innovations within the scope of the fashion world. We named the magazine with the understanding that fashion occupies an interesting space in the creative field, it can embody a left-brain/right-brain approach to design, it is aesthetic and pragmatic—fashion can be two-fold, i.e. fashion x architecture, fashion x comics, fashion x healthcare, fashion x music, fashion x tech, etc.
Taking inspiration from couture fashion books and popular Asian fashion magazines, our design approach was to keep the visuals at the forefront of the magazine and integrate editorial content using typography and whitespace as extensions of each individual narrative. We paid particular attention to the use of typographic treatments as in the Content page in order to unify disparate parts into a single structure, speaking to the essence of what TWOFOLD aims to achieve.
This project was a collaborative effort with Nini Lin, Hajime Mariano, and Sora Yoon under the instruction of Alex Laurie Valentine III at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
“Gucci x Araki Hirohiko” spreads designed by Nini Lin. “Mary Katrantzou” spread designed by Sora Yoon. “Undercoverism x Marquee Moon” spread and “Lad Musician x Spacemen 3” spread designed by Hajime Mariano. All other spreads designed by Andrew Pacheco. Cover design by Andrew Pacheco. Magazine mockup binding by Nini Lin.
Magazine mockup photography by Yenyen Chou, except photographs including “Constructing the Catwalk,” “Remembering Dame Zaha Hadid,” and “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology” feature spreads by Andrew Pacheco.
Lin, Mariano, Pacheco, and Yoon do not own any supplemental images pertaining to the project process or final presentation, including but not limited to: images or photographs of individuals or the likenesses of individuals, images of work by other artists and designers, or supplemental photography included in the design of the magazine. All names used on the credits page of the magazine are fictional, with the exception of the designers and the photographer of the cover photo.
The Athelas, Futura PT, and Orbitron typeface families were licensed for personal use through Adobe Typekit. The Helvetica Neue typeface family was licensed for educational use through the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The typefaces Biko by Marco Ugolini, and Klinic Slab by Joe Prince were purchased by Pacheco and are licensed for personal use. The typeface Tesla by Lexi Griffith was a free download on the designer’s Behance page.
All other images, original design elements, and combinations of elements constituting an original design are owned by Lin, Mariano, Pacheco, and Yoon.
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